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ZEROUNDICI has been launched back in 2016 by two entrepreneur brothers who share passion for design and fashion and a deep bond with the city from which everything is born: Turin.

“What about creating our own brand? A young sunglasses and eyeglasses brand capable to convey the post-industrial roots of the city and its urban geometric looks and underground spaces".

Sparkling from this simple question, 11 new frames are created, dedicated to the neighborhoods from which the geometry of urban spaces has given shape to inspiration: Dora, Lingotto, San Salvario, Crocetta...

Constantly evolving neighborhoods that keep the original essence of a typical industrial city’s past decades, the "factory of Italy", now converted into a sustainable model with excellence peaks in design, architecture, cinema and R&D eyewear.

Zeroundici’s tribute to a glorious past and a thriving future in the application of technique and know-how is the hexagonal bolt, a distinctive element for the brand standing also for the strong and indissoluble bond with own roots.

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ZEROUNDICI products are a synthesis of design with a never-ending attention to detail, from the first stage of processing to the final fit.
Creative side is curated by Daniele and Simone Testore who launch on the eyewear market, with an innovative approach, a premium product able to tell a story and to spread the city’s know-how around the world.
No compromises, just high quality: this must be the business card of ZEROUNDICI eyewear; it starts from an 8 mm Mazzucchelli 1849 plate which is handly produced by young skilled craftsmen from Piedmont and Veneto, and so turned into an unedited frame merging research, design and craftsmanship. The true heart of Made in Italy..


The new ZEROUNDICI collection is born from a careful study on the urban plan Turin development, on the blocks evolution and on the emancipation of the post-industrial, modern and futuristic architecture. Like CIT TURIN mod., influenced by an architectural exaltation of the neighborhood where the first city skyscraper designed by Renzo Piano was created and by the 200 variant that has changed the city mood, from a gloomy workmen one into a sparkling European venue.

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